Chris Loneragan Photography | Weddings 2016
Gemma and James pre-wedding 31st January 2016Jess and Craig pre-wedding 14th February 2016JessCraigPeakEdgepreviewJess and Craig at Peak Edge Hotel 27th March 2016Rebecca and Patrick pre-wedding 22nd April 2016Kristina and Alasdair pre-wedding 27th April 2016Clare and Andrew pre-wedding 6th May 2016Megan and Andrew pre-wedding 13th May 2016Chris and Harriett pre-wedding 15th May 2016Kristina and Alasdair at Mosborough Hall 30th April 2016Jennie and Mark pre-wedding 4th May 2016Karen and Gavin 1st May 2016Charlotte and Luke pre-wedding 10th June 2016Amy and Jonathan at Baslow Hall 26th May 2016Clare and Andrew at Whitley Hall 29th May 2016Katie and Michael pre-wedding 10th June 2016Chris & Harriett at Kenwood Hall 25th June 2016Shannah graduationRebecca and Patrick at Royal Victoria Hotel 9th July 2016Susan and James photobooth 6th August 2016Jennie and Mark at Wortley Hall 15th July 2016Erin and Jodi at Kenwood Hall 22nd July 2016Charlotte and Luke at Whirlowbrook Hall 23rd July 2016Amy and Scott pre-wedding 21st September 2016Lisa and James pre-wedding 2nd September 2016Susan and James at The Grange 6th August 2016Vikki and Josh at Hilton Hotel 30th July 2016Michael Giannetopoulos pre-christening shoot 30th September 2016Megan and Andrew at Ringwood Hall 5th August 2016Gemma and Gareth at Ringwood Hall 3rd September 2016Anker Golden Wedding Anniversary 18th September 2016Julie and Jon pre-wedding at Burbage 18th September 2016Erika and Darren at Mosborough Hall 16th September 2016Laura and Jason pre-wedding 14th October 2016Katie and Craig pre-wedding 2nd September 2016Adele and Andrew at peak Edge Hotel 23rd September 2016Sharley and Daniel pre-wedding 21st October 2016Katie and Michael at Ringwood Hall 24th September 2016Amy and Scott at Ringwood Hall Hotel 15th October 2016Michael G Christening 23rd October 2016Mark and Nicole pre-wedding shoot at Yorkshire Sculpture Park 30th November 2016Laura and Jason 5th November 2016Lisa and James 26th November 2016Tina and Lee pre-wedding 16th December 2016Sharley and Dan at Ye Olde Bell 2nd December 2016Bray family shoot 22nd October 2016Nicole and Mark 23rd December 2016 at Ringwood Hall